Table Ordering features 21 unique, multi-player, multi-touch games that cater to all age groups. Our games have been enjoyed around the world by leading hotels, restaurants, casinos, resorts, media companies, libraries and hospitals. Your patrons will enjoy this fun experience right at their table!


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Curling’Touch is an interactive version of shuffleboard for one or two players, played by flicking pucks at a center target.


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Paint’Touch is a multi-user edutainment game where kids draw, color, and paint with their fingers and erase their work as many times as they wish.


AirHockey’Touch is an adaptation of the classic family favorite, enabling 2 players to pass and deflect the hockey puck, playing offense and defense simultaneously.


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Pong’Touch is an adaptation of the famous arcade game, enabling up to 4 players to pass and deflect balls around the virtual table.


A simple and fun game, Race’Touch allows up to 4 players to compete simultaneously on a virtual race track.


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Test your math skills with Numbers’Touch, an educational game to help children practice basics in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


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Sudoku is a logic game where up to four players to fill a 9×9 grid with digits to fit an appropriate number within each given column.


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Tic Tac Toe is a tactical game for 2, players choose X or O and take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid.


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Match’Touch is an educational game to test quick thinking and general knowledge across several categories.


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Puzzle’Touch is a digital jigsaw puzzle to help foster logic and organizational skills. An image is chosen from one of several categories and is then turned into a jigsaw on screen.


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Words’Touch is a multi-user educational game to help children practice spelling, organization, and gain confidence in their vocabulary.


Quiz’Touch is a brain teaser game, where up to 4 players or teams to compete in answering a series of questions that you create.


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Shuffle’Touch is a quick thinking word game where players form words from a limited selection of letters within the time limit.


Shapes’Touch is an educational game that fosters quick thinking and organizational skills with colors, sizes, and shapes.


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A fun new take on the classic game of memory match, Snap’Touch is a series of paired images facedown in random order, with one unique image that does not match the others.


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Planet’Touch teaches children how to preserve the environment and raise their awareness of sustainable development.


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Balloons’Touch is a fast paced competitive game played between 2 and 4 players. Each player takes a side of the screen and is marked with a particular color.


Each half of the domino is a number represented by 1 –to 6 dots. Players begin with 7 dominos.


Baccarat’Touch is a version of Punto Banco, a classic casino game based on chance. Players do not compete against each other, but bet on a central game between Player and Banker.


Casino’Touch is a game of Boule, similar to Roulette. Up to 6 users play together and take turns placing bets.


An interactive game of blackjack, allowing up to 3 users or a combination of humans and bots to play against the dealer.